Rugged Sea Container Conversions

Exceptional Design for Harsh Conditions – Rugged says it all!

When you require a safe, secure, and comfortable office work space for your team, or a functional utility or process building - Build your fleet with only Rugged Buildings!

All Rugged Buildings are engineered and manufactured to stand up to their name, designed to provide the maximum protection required in the most challenging field condition environments, time after time.  For the past 35 years our manufacturing plant in Charleston Illinois has produced thousands of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, transportable buildings used in various industries and militaries across the globe.


Rugged Sea Container Conversions are designed to meet your most stringent requirements.  Our quality product begins with our purchase of “one way” trip containers for the least wear and tear.  We then customize your unit to fit your specific environmental and functional needs.  We can certify your building drawings, and provide state seal approval in multiple states, giving you the most versatility for your fleet.  If your preference is to promote your trademark brand, Rugged Buildings can private label your purchases.


Each Rugged Sea Container Conversion complies with State Energy Codes designated in the State Seal Packages.  Rugged Buildings strives to preserve energy consumption by designing energy efficient conversion buildings regarding heating, cooling, ventilating and lighting.


Each Rugged Sea Container Conversion unit is compliant to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) for fire protection, and the National Electrical Code (NEC) for electrical compliance.  Every component installed on a Rugged Conversion Unit conforms to Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Underwriters Laboratory of Canada (ULC), and/or Canadian Standards Association (CSA)


Rugged Sea Container Conversions Optional Features – many others available!

  • Exteriors - Flush Mounted Options - Secured

  • Security Covering for Windows - Bars, Sliding Doors, Canopy, Shutter

  • Air Conditioning / Heat

  • Insulation

  • Interior Coverings

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Communications systems

  • Certified prints & State Seal packages available


Customized to your specific needs and budget!


Rugged Sea Container Conversion Applications – what are your needs?

  • Portable Office Units

  • Blast Resistant Units

  • Storm Shelters

  • Security Units

  • Class Room Units

  • Decontamination Units

  • High Security Storage

  • Mobile Living Quarters

  • Portable Work Stations

  • Modular Storage Containers

  • Shower / Restroom Units

  • Laundromats

  • Cannabis Vegetative Grow Rooms, Dry Rooms, and THC Extraction Rooms


For the highest return on investment capital - Build your fleet with only Rugged Buildings!


Contact Factory – All Rugged Buildings are designed to your specifications.  We offer standard sizes for convenience, or a custom modular for that unique application.  Our interiors are uniquely outfitted to meet your budget and specific application requirements.